Hats Off (Or Should We Say On) to the Small Business Owner

Like most of you reading this blog I’m sure, I have worn many hats during my life. Most recently I have become a Graduate Assistant working with the Jump Start Incubator in Reading, but before the hat of student rested on my head, I was the owner and operator of a successful business in downtown Reading for nearly seventeen years, that being a luncheonette where I really had a full wardrobe of lids to accessorize my noggin. Because of this adventure in my life, I appreciate the many challenges of running a small business of your own. I know of the long hours, delicate balance between business and personal time, managing employees and customers, and just plain making sure that everything remains running smoothly. It is a monumental undertaking for anyone, but it can in turn be monumentally rewarding. I can attest to both of these aspects.

We have decided to take a fresh look at the blog and endeavor to approach it from a new angle, one that speaks to the true heart and soul of a small business owner. Because there are so many personal triumphs and tribulations involved in owning a business and because there are so many facets surrounding the operation of a business, we thought that it would be beneficial to offer a blog that is written by someone (myself) who has experienced many of those triumphs and tribulations. Someone who can offer real world insights into the heart of the small business owner.

Jump Start Incubator exists to assist you on the journey towards your dream of creating and sustaining a small business of your own. We want you to know that we not only want to help you, but we understand the challenges that you face. We are here to help you meet those challenges in exceptional fashion. We want our blog to reflect the true experiences of the business owner, so in the spirit of The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss, as a small business owner, you can take one hat off but another one always grows in its place. I will don my new hat and bring you a blog that speaks to the very essence of who a small business owner is.

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