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We have a variety of programs to offer:

1.    If you are looking for help and would like to rent one of our offices, we have the Tenant/Office membership program.

The rent fee includes a professional office in a beautiful, environmentally-friendly building with 24-hour access. Furniture is included along with utilities, Wi-Fi access and a shared printer/copier.

You will receive 4 hours per month with the Director to discuss your business on a one-to-one basis. We also have college interns available to assist you with projects you can’t seem to get to yourself, such as creating marketing materials, researching the competition, creating a list of potential customers, and help with bookkeeping issues.

The price of the rent is based on the size of the office, so call to visit and see what we have available.


2.    If you need assistance but do not need an office, we can still help. We have a program designed for this situation called Non-Office membership.

This program provides 2 hours per month with the Director to discuss your concerns about your business on a one-to-one basis. We can help you set up a simple bookkeeping system to keep track of your finances or help you develop a marketing plan to get the word out to potential customers.

We work on business plans with you and help you put financial projections together if you need a bank loan. The college interns are also available for you in this program.

The membership fee for this program is only $150 per month. Call us to find out more.


3.    If bookkeeping is your only issue, we do provide QuickBooks training on an hourly basis.

Our Director has used QuickBooks for many years and has managed the accounting departments in a few businesses.

She can help you understand the basics you need to know to keep everything straight.

Give us a call to find out more: (610) 816-0639

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